Alex Cavalcante

Analyst, RBC

I help organizations communicate effectively, designing strategies, and developing customized content to reach the target audience for each project or product.I love digging, clearing and analyzing data, finding sources, and organizing information in a clear, interesting, and easy-to-understand way. It doesn't matter if working on a business report, a background check, or a short film about child slavery, I'm a diligent investigator, with a keen eye for details, always trying new ways to tell a story.

With more than 15 years of experience in the media industry (TV, Radio & Web), marketing and corporate communications, I have a track record of awarded projects in Investigative Journalism and Branded Content. I'm also experienced in Social Media, and product and team management. I also get so comfortable in front of the cameras, interviewing or reporting, as I get behind it, shooting and editing

I divide my (sparse) free time between some volunteer job, reading, miniatures modelling, cycling, photography and walks with my friends' dogs. 15+ years of experience in digital media and corporate communications, including but not limited to broadcasting; organizing training and events; media & public relations; product & team management; managing and monitoring social media; etc.