Boot Camps for Startups

For both Canadians and Latin Americans

Boot camps for Canadian Startups

Ready to scale into Latin America, but need more detailed information?

Many Canadian startups who attended our LatAm 101 cour ses had questions about specific markets or verticals that could not be answered in a single workshop.

To satisfy this demand, LatAm Startups will run Boot Camps in 2017 to provide a week-long intensive course for Canadian startups looking to scale into Latin America.

For many lean startups, it makes more sense to attend such a boot camp than to spend money hiring a consultant directly.

Increasing high-tech exports from Canada creates jobs and benefits the local economy.

The program will help Canadian startups:

  • •Identify which markets to target
  • •Prepare an international business development strategy
  • •Tailor their marketing to each market
  • •Identify key partners in Latin America
  • •understand the financial and regulatory environment in Latin America

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Boot camps for Latin American Startups

Why is Toronto the best place for Latin American startups to scale into North America?

Startups in Latin America need to scale rapidly into the North American markets to prove they have traction. But what's the best strategy to do so? And why is Canada the best launching pad for their success?

In 2017, LatAm Startups will launch a series of Boot Camps for Latin America startups. During these week-long intensive courses, Latin American startups will learn how to:

  • •Adapt their prototype to the needs of the North American markets
  • •Customize their marketing for the local language and culture
  • •Successfully pitch their startups to angel and VC investors
  • •Seek out feedback from potential North American clients
  • •Iterate faster and accelerate their success—or failure

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