Dieguez Barreiro

Senior Officer, Science & Technology
Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovation & Communication (MCTIC)

Dieguez Barreiro is a Science & Technology Senior Officer at the Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovations and Communications (MCTIC/since 2000) and Assistant Professor at Catholic University of Brasilia (UCB / since 1999).

He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering (Rio de Janeiro State University/UERJ/1994), Master of Science in Industrial Engineering (Rio de Janeiro Federal University/COPPE/UFRJ/1997) and PhD in Management and Business Economics (University of Salamanca/USAL-Spain/2010).

Prior professional experience in shipbuilding (American Bureau of Shipping / Ishikawagima do Brazil) (1990-1992); oil & gas industry (Petrobras Distribuidora and CENPES) (1993-1994); public R&D funding for software industry (CNPq/1996-2000); and designing public policies for technological innovation (SETEC/SEPIN/MCTIC/since 2000).

He is deputy director for public policy on software and IT service industry since 2014. Academic activities includes undergraduation and MBA lecturing on entrepreneurship, strategic management, and business game simulations issues; and research on business simulation applied to consultancy (aviation industry) and education (undergraduation and MBA).