LatAm 101

For Canadian startups ready to scale globally

Why are so many startups leaving money on the table?

In 2016, Export Development Canada (EDC) paid us to deliver a series of free LatAm 101 workshops to st artups across Canada. Go South! Consulting, the predecessor to LatAm St artups, organized the workshops in partnership with Startup Canada.


Because Canadian startups need to go global from day one.

Latin America is a huge market, and for many Canadian startups, an opportunity to gain significant market share by getting in early.

The workshops took place in Toronto (x2), Waterloo, Ottawa, and Montreal. Over 200 companies attended the sessions in summer 2016.

LatAm Startups plans to continue the LatAm 101 workshops, and also offer advanced courses, LatAm 201, perhaps even a LatAm 301 if there is sufficient demand.

Latin America is a good fit for many Canadian startups. With more than 800 million consumers, and governments spending billions of dollars on modern infrastructure, there is high demand in Latin America for quality high-tech solutions.