Ecuadorian Transplant Builds Inspired Publishing Platform in Toronto

Posted June 8, 2017

Three years ago, author and computer engineer Galo Vargas launched Inkspired as a means for storytellers to publish their work and connect. After growing the company in Australia, San Francisco and Latin America, Vargas has resettled in Toronto to build a global publishing and engagement platform.

The latest milestone for Vargas is relocating to Toronto to join the LatAm startup hub. In the past, he’d participated in an 8-month Start-Up Chile program and spent some time in San Francisco but incorporating in Toronto has been a focus of his since he launched.

“Toronto is really amazing city the startup ecosystem is very open, the culture is also the most diverse in the world and you have many opportunities,” he says. The multicultural aspect was also a draw, especially for finding talent. “You're going to have different views and tackle the same problem with different perspectives the city is quite special.”

He admits that although there is a bit of a culture disconnect between the way businesses are run in Latin America and here in North America, his time in Australia, San Francisco and the past month and a half in Toronto has prepared him. And there’s been no shortage of guidance along the way.

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