Brazilian EdTech Startup Launches in Toronto

Posted August 11, 2018

Sometimes you need a global team to scale globally.

Brazilian Lucas Pinto is the founder of Cerbo. Or rather, one of the co-founders—the other three are from France (Alexandre Schmitz), China (Anthony Liu), and the US (Justin McOmie).

And Cerbo's co-founders decided to scale their startup from Toronto, using the LatAm Startups acceleration program as a springboard.

Cerbo is passionate about online learning, and connecting learners and instructors from around the world.

Cerbo signed up for our two-week Scaleup Bootcamp Toronto, and applied to stay for the three-month softlanding program. During those three months, they learned how take advantage of Toronto as the ideal place to launch their startup globally, and are in the process of hiring their first local employee, an engineer.

Diversity is a strength for a Cerbo, and Toronto is the ideal place for them to continue to grow their business.