Markus Schreyer

Angel Investor

Markus is a German executive and entrepreneur with over twenty-five years of international industry and market experience. Markus has lived and worked extensively in Europe, the USA, Brazil and Asia, and now is focused on the Chilean market. As Founding Partner of MGMS Consultancy, he supports the development of start-up ecosystems through direct coaching, mentoring and the development of international acceleration programs for science based early stage start-ups. His Mission is :Preparing businesses for Global Growth and Investments."

Early 2017, after a successful pilot, Markus spun out his first company from MGMS: GaneshaLab - A Scale-up Boutique creating international market access for Lifescience, Biotech and Medical Device early stage startups.

Prior to founding MGMS, Markus worked for over twenty years in the life science technology industry with leading manufacturers like Thermo Fisher Scientific and Fisons Instruments. In various leadership positions he led strategic transitions through market differentiated product innovations resulting in significant value generation, growth and market leadership.

In 2011, Markus was named Vice President and General Manager of Thermo Fisher Scientific Brazil and South America to establish the company as a leader in this fast-growing market. Since leaving Thermo Fisher in 2013, Markus has moved to Chile to focus on the dynamic, explosive growth of the Chilean high-tech start-up sector.

Markus is also an active member and Director of Chile Global Angels, a network of Business Angels supporting the startup ecosystem in Chile.

Markus holds a Bachelor’s in chemical engineering & processing from the University of Cologne, Germany.