Nasser Rahal

Co-founder/Head at AIHive at York University

Nasser Rahal has over 20 years of experience working in international technology transformation and management. Throughout his career he has built a reputation as an innovative and charismatic leader who understands how to build, manage, and scale global delivery teams. His primary expertise lies in the ability to both build new organizations from the ground up and to digitally transform legacy businesses.

Nasser is a graduate of The American University of Beirut where he earned a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering and the Edinburgh School of Business where he received an MBA. Since attaining these degrees he has built a career at some of the largest companies in the world including CGI, GE, and IBM. Nasser clients included companies such as Bell Canada, Rogers, T-Mobile, Virgin Media, Charter, Time Warner, CIBC, RBC, and many fortune 100 companies.

Currently, Nasser is the Founder and CEO of fazeZERO with offices in Toronto and Dubai. He is the driving visionary behind this innovative new startup that is charged with solving real world problems with IoT, Blockchain and AI technologies. In addition, Nasser teaches graduate courses at York University in the Blockchain and AI domains.